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My Purpose

Don't be afraid to take a chance!

I started this service to provide a resource for people to learn more about themselves by taking a chance to see what opportunities become available to us when we take that leap of faith. Taking a chance means taking a chance on yourself. A lot of people go through life and only strive their best when pushed into a corner or when life gets too hard to handle. I'm here for you in these situations. I'm also here for you when you start to get curious about the world around you and your place in it. This is a very beautiful and interesting place to live when you open your awareness to what is around and inside of you. If you want to start your journey or deepen your practices then I am here. I am always here to help people discover more about themselves and maneuver through life. I want to be that nourishing and loving energy that is always there for you in times of joy as well as times of need. That is the basis of Tenacious Spiritual Wellness. To be Tenacious in helping and guiding you in the best way possible.

Thank you for visiting my site and hope that something here will call out to you and provide a nourishing energy to you on your path.
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Spiritual Advisor/Shaman

Hi, I'm Tnachus Kelley or T.K. for short. I am the founder of Tenacious Spiritual Wellness. This resource was started to help people in need and those who want some extra help on their journey. I am a self-realized Shaman healer who can connect with the nonphysical aspects of this reality that are always there to guide you on your path. I am a healer who is healing people's disconnection with their higher selves and to deepen their relationship. I am a healer who heals the healers, the teachers, the supporters, the builders, the destroyers, and anyone on their path to becoming their truest selves. I have always been drawn to the spiritual aspects of the world since I was a little child. I remember seeing people's aura and different beings around them, but not being able to properly communicate this to others. As I got older, like most people with these talents, I had to learn how to integrate my abilities into my daily life. Some of my gifts were left to be used occasionally when someone around me really needed a little push. After college, I decided to go to culinary school because I was drawn to how people are impacted by the food they eat. While I didn't realize the deeper aspects of this I enjoyed bringing joy to people through food. Now I know that this is because I wanted to nourish people and provide a helping hand in their journey. Once I came to this realization I started to connect with my gifts more and more. Now I have been doing this professionally for about 5 years and am ready to provide my help and insight to a wider audience. I connect with people's higher selves to find what is the best way to help in any situation. I also am a certified reiki master teacher and certified meditation coach.  The type of energy healing and work that I do is not limited by the conventional terms that most practitioners use. I come at every situation from the root cause and work to help with any situation. This is all about learning and growing along our path and I will never attempt to stop a person's free will as to what path they chose. All information that is provided is from your guides or higher self for you to best walk your particular path. I look forward to working with you and send my love and hope for a better future for everyone.

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