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People talk about portals as a gateway to other places. They take you on a journey to a far away place or somewhere unknown. Portals can be gentle or rough depending on your perspective of them. Let's take a deeper look at what portals are and can do.

The definition of portal is a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one. This shows us what most people know as "portals." They can be entrances or exits depending on your perspective. Most of the time, when we think of portals, we think of them as a one-way thing. It's always either us going somewhere or something coming to this side. When you use a portal, it's supposed to be a wormhole or tunnel to another place. This is the most common aspect of portals that people talk about.

If you start to look into the energetics of what a portal is, you will start seeing that portals are everywhere and in multiple forms. Some common portals that we all know are a door, a tunnel, a mirror, a gate, your eyes, mouth and ears, etc. These are the ones that are easy to understand. Though portals can be other things as well. A portal can be your mind, your imagination, the television, a faucet, a speech, a bracelet or ring, a cup, and many more. There are also metaphysical portals that can look like those sci-fi movies and also take shape in any way you can imagine them.

Now that we have talked about what can be a portal, I'm sure you're wondering what a portal actually is. In its most basic form, it is a conduit to move energy from one place to another. This can manifest in different ways depending on the energy that is being transferred and what energy is more prevalent at the destination. When you think about going through a portal, the scene of a multicolored tunnel comes to mind. This can be how it is perceived because of the speed at which the energy is traveling. In order for anything to go to a different location, it reaches a certain speed. It can be the speed of light or faster because it's a frequency that moves easier through and around other energy. This is where people feel like they take one step and they are at the other location.

Energy travels in a multitude of ways. So, when thinking about portal travel, it occurs on an energetic level. If you ever saw the original Willie Wonka movie where he talked about Wonka vision. It can be very similar. The energy gets broken down into a lot of smaller pieces and then travels to a different location. Traveling through portals can also be how you start to visualize or dream. You can be in one place, and then things just shift to a different place. Out of mind is a portal in itself that allows our thoughts to travel around different realms. This is also tied to Astral projection in that we attach our spiritual bodies to our thoughts and travel along with them to a different realm. This way, we see the process as it happens. So, basically, traveling through portals can be seen to occur at different speeds based on the energy.

I know you probably like well. What use do I have knowing this information? Well, if you can grasp how portals work and what they are, it can be an amazing tool. When you're tired and need a pick me up, you can use a portal to bring in more energy. This can also be used for inspiration for an artist or developer. The ideas we get in order to fulfill our goals all come from different realms, and we use different portals to receive this information. On the spiritual aspect of portals, this can be used to communicate with other beings. It can also be used to go to other realms and have more experiences to learn from or accomplish a certain task/goal. Portals can be used to bring your totems, spirit guides, ancestors, and other beings around to help or ask for advice.

Looking at when and where we most often use portals, we can see how it is a crucial aspect of this universe and system. We use portals basically at every moment of the day unless you are in a state of nothingness, which you can reach through what? You guessed it a portal. Meditation is like a key to different portals or even a guide to take you where you want to and maybe need to be.

I was taking a plane to visit a friend recently, and while in the air, I was reminded of portals. The clouds are portals that carry not only water but energy as well. Looking out from inside the clouds, I saw how there was a thin layer that separated the plane from the outside world. When you travel to different destinations, there is always a veil around wherever you are because you are just traveling. So there is a benefit to this being that you can see the veil. It's shows us how our lives and the places we are have a thin veil between the realms. While here, you might not necessarily see it unless you are tuned into that frequency or are sensitive to that energy. This led me to understand and innerstand how just because we don't see what is traveling through our realm all the time doesn't mean it is not there.

Looking at clouds from the outside, all you see is the shape and maybe the thickness of the cloud. Inside of it can be see through and it also can cloud our vision. The same is true for our everyday lives. Just looking from one perspective, you don't see everything that's happening. We can see what's on the outside better if we are not in it. Though even when we are inside and look outside, there can be a layer of fog concealing what is actually happening. The magic happens when we start to move the fog around and clear things up.

This is all true when dealing with portals as well. It can be like a dense barrier when looking at a potal from the outside. That's why most people don't see portals for what they are or where they are. What we see is the outside illusion of it and not the destination. The same can be true from the inside as well though if you are just visiting somewhere you can more than likely see back through the other side because that's the energy you are most in tune with at the present time.

So the next time you think about the portal, try and open up your perspective to different ideas and theories around them. You just might find a whole world of information waiting for you.

p.s If you want to learn more about portals and how to use them, book a session, and we can go into detail about it. I will also help you come up with ways to travel through the portals around you safely.

My love and gratitude to you all



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