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Learning to observe from the heart

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

When we observe the world around us what do we see? Is it the physical objects in our vision? Or maybe How are our senses react to what we are observing? Now here's the big question. What does it mean to observe from the heart?

Observing from the heart is not about looking at the world from a place of love. That can be part of it if you want it to, but it's about seeing things from an unbiased perspective. Our heart reacts to what's happening in the moment and not about our preconceived notions of the world. It's a base instinct that overrides our other thoughts and reactions. The heart doesn't look at the world from any personal perspective it just sees it as it is. When we are able to slow down and take a moment to relax and pause all the things we have going on in our life we are able to start making the connection with our heart's vision. You have probably heard people, or yourself even, say how beautiful something is when they are resting or taking a break. Some of those moments, not all, are because we have tapped into observing from our heart. The heart resonates with the world and universe around us all the time. It can be challenging to stop and feel how this resonance shows us the true nature of the world. You hear the stories of people learning profound lessons from observing nature or something that seems so mundane. They have taken the time to observe from the heart and then take that information and internalize it into a lesson. When we are able to tap into that magical and serene moment of just observing without bias like our heart does it can make a major difference in how we view the world.

Hope this helps someone along their journey.


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