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Interacting With Your Inner "demons"/ traumas

Updated: Jan 22

When we think about being spiritual, we usually look at the light side of things. What qualities do we want to have at the forefront for everyone to see? Most of the time, this is the actions and practices that the general public considers to be spiritual, i.e., yoga, meditation, breathwork, etc. If we only focus on this, we forget a major part of our journey. I know you might be asking what this is and how have I been neglecting it? This is interacting with your inner "demons".

What are inner demons? This is a question that goes into a core part of spiritual life. In order for us to grow and become more in tune with our higher selves and become "whole", we have to work on the things that cause us to fall out of alignment with our truest purpose. These things are our inner "demons." They can come in many different forms, but most of the time they are traumas that we experienced that has a certain hold over us and are making blockages in our spiritual, mental, and even physical bodies. Traumas don't always come in the form of something negative they can also be caused by an extremely emotional situation. These are our biases toward life and cause our vision/perception to be altered in a way that makes us view different situations through the lens of certain traumas. Inner demons can also take the form of our preconceived notions or misconceptions that limit our ability to process new information. When we hold onto these preconceived notions, it causes a block that makes it harder to accept new information that will help us to achieve greater heights of our true purpose.

Why is it important to interact with your inner demons? In order to be free from the distractions that hinder us on our path, we have to deal with our inner demons. Our traumas are not meant to define how we interact with the world around us. They are meant to teach us a lesson and not only that, but show us how we can utilize our special gifts in different situations. A lot of times, we see our trauma as just a roadblock, which it is, but it's also showing us how to respond to a particular energy. When we learn how to identify what energies are affecting us at the time of the trauma or stimulating experience, we can deal with that energy and similar energies better. These energies come in many different forms, and being able to identify them helps when it shows up again in a different form. We can also take these experiences as a chance to learn how we can deal with them on all levels spiritually, mentally, and physically. Once we are able to deal with these traumas and figure out what we were supposed to learn from it, we can focus on what we are truly called to do in this world. Only by being unrestrained will we have the freedom to live life without limitations. This opens up more opportunities for growth and to experience more of what life has to offer.

How can we actually interact with these inner "demons "? There are multiple ways to achieve this. The most common and probably the easiest way is through meditation. When we are in a state of meditation, we are able to calm all the distracting information and eventually focus on what we want. Looking within ourselves to see where our traumas come from. That means not what the actual trauma is but the root cause of it. Getting to the root cause of it allows us to remove these blockages and learn what is necessary from any given experience.

Another great way to interact is through breathwork. Focusing on your breath and breathing in specific patterns makes it easier to work through any trauma or preconceived notions that we may be holding on to. Our breath is the basis for intake of energy on a physical level as well as the basis of the spiritual and mental levels as well. You can do your own research and inner search on what breathwork works best for you. Remember, not everyone is good at any particular exercise, so take the time to find what is best for yourself.

Grounding is also a great way to help interact with your inner demons. By placing our feet or any part of our body on the ground, we can allow the energy of the earth to cleanse and refresh ourselves. Giving us the time end energy to focus on ourselves and not the many distractions that are always around. If we combine all three of these techniques, the results will be a lot more pronounced.

So give it a try today and see how it makes you feel. I can guarantee that as long as you actually do this, you will start seeing results. It may not be right away or visible at first, but it will surely happen. I look forward to everyone coming more I to their truest self and growing in your journey.


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