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Human Energetic Grids

Everyone is born with their own blueprint that has different points and designs based on each individual. There are 3 main parts to everyone's personal grid, the Upper Grid, Lower Grid, and Core Grid. Each of these parts are responsible for different aspects of who you are.

What's this got to do with how we go about our journey?

Well, when we are conceived as a fetus and growing inside of our mother's belly, our grid is pure and unaltered in any way. As we experience life, the trials and tribulations can shift our grid out of place. When you're operating from a grid which is no longer connected to your original blueprint, feelings may arise of being lost and feeling uncertain of your purpose.

The different parts of your grid correspond to different aspects of your life and energetic system.

The Upper Grid

This part of our grid corresponds with our heart, throat, third (spiritual) eye, and crown chakras. This is also the part of our grid that connects us to higher forms of consciousness.

The spiritual aspects of this grid is responsible for:

- Our capacity to love and empathize with others (heart).

- Our ability to speak up in any situation, or how effective we are at communication (throat).

- The way we see the world around us, or our perception of reality (spiritual eye).

- Our connection with our higher self and guides, as well as our connection with higher energies (crown).

The physical aspects of the Upper Grid include:

- How you listen and absorb auditory information

- Your ability to remove distractions in your journey

- How your emotions interact with your decisions

- Your clarity and focus

The Lower Grid

The Lower Grid corresponds to the solar, sacral, and root chakras. This Grid is mostly responsible for our feelings of self worth, security, and beliefs. This is also the part of our grid that grounds us in our truest self and makes sure that we don't float away from our reality.

The spiritual aspects of this grid is responsible for:

-Trusting our intuition and motivation to continue on our journey(Solar)

-Feeling secure in your decisions, sexuality and masculine/feminine orientation(Sacral)

- Sense of safety and stability, Being comfortable in your own body (Root)

The Physical aspects of the Lower Grid include:

-Sense of Self worth

-Having the energy/motivation to move forward

-Sense of balance

-connection with physical activities in life

The Core Grid

This grid corresponds to our somatic responses and our psychological triggers. This is the part of our grid that is closely related to our central nervous system. Energetically it is also like the main hub of how our energy gets distributed and utilized. It is the mirror or representation of how our nonphysical selves are currently doing.

The spiritual aspects of the Core Grid include:

-How we process trauma and extreme stimulus

-Connecting with our higher and lower selves

-Balancing our Yin and Yang

-Integrating experiences into current and future spiritual practices

The physical aspects of the Core Grid

-Response reflexes

-Capacity to learn and grow

-Nerve responses

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