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Being and Getting in Tune with Nature

Nature is all around us even when we don't realize it. I know some people are thinking that there's no nature around them because they live in a big city. Well before we get into that there's a question that has to be asked. What is Nature?

Nature is anything that comes naturally from this universe. Now I know some are saying "Woah hold on now we were just thinking about this planet we're on now". Well I'm not saying that isn't a part of nature. I'm just saying that we shouldn't limit our perspective to just this world. A lot of minerals that are on this planet originally came from somewhere else in the universe. So should we say that they aren't a part of nature? Of course not because it's part of the whole picture.

So let's get back to identifying what is Nature around us. The air we breathe, the animals around us, the plants, the bugs, the dirt, the rain, and so much more. No matter if you are from a big city or not there is always some kind of nature around. We as humans tend to overlook the little details that make up our world. Once we start to see that there is some aspect of nature around then we can start to get in tune with nature.

In order to get in tune with nature we have to quiet the distractions that drown out nature's voice. Yes nature is always saying something it's just that it's usually very quiet. Taking a few deep breaths to feel the air outside make it's way into our bodies and incorporate into us at that moment. Feeling how the wind blows against our bodies and really appreciating the experience as it is. Smelling the moisture in the air before a rainfall and feeling the heavy ness is the air dissipate. These are just a few ways that we can start to hear what nature is saying.

Once you have started to notice the different ways nature communicates and can feel it in the moment then you can become in tune with nature. Timing your breath with the breeze or letting the rain wash away any heavy feelings you might be holding on to. When we take the time to just appreciate nature for the beautiful thing that it is we are tuning ourselves to the frequency of nature. Not letting any man-made things knock us out of our rhythm. For when we are being ourselves truly and unapologetically we are tuning ourselves to our natural frequency. That frequency resonates with the nature that we place ourselves in.

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