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Assorted Crystals

Crystal and Energetic Grids

When we talk about crystal grids we first have to talk about energetic grids. The most basic energetic grid would be the ley lines on the planet. Most people understand this as the energy "veins" of the planet. They are a source of energy transportation that brings and distributes energy all around the planet. They are arranged in order to provide energy in the most efficient way as well as based off of sacred geometry of the planet.

Crystal grids work in the same way. You arrange the crystals in a pattern that is the transportation of energy in order to create different effects. You can arrange them in geometric patterns or in any way that feels right to you for the intended purpose. You can anything to make these grids from crystals to totems to everyday household items. The key point is to make sure that the intention is set with the making of the grid.

Physical VS. Energetic Grids

There are many benefits to using crystal grids in your spiritual practices. You can set up a grid to achieve specific results depending on the design and intention behind the grid.


Physical Grids are made by using physical crystals to design a framework of energy to produce the desired results. The crystals provide a basis for what energy is used to make up the grid. A physical grid is good for an altar space or even if you want to set up a ritual or do some energy work out in nature or when on a trip away from home.

Energetic Grids are made by setting up the energy signatures of crystals to provide a desired result.  The energy signatures are used as a framework to design your grid and produce the desired results. An energetic grid is good for when there is not a lot of space to set up a physical grid or you want the energy to start from the inside and work its way outward. An added benefit of an energetic grid is it is focused on your energetic self so it is active wherever you go and is not restricted to any physical place.

Star Cluster

Crystal Grid Puzzles

Here is our selection of physical grids. They are crystal grid puzzles as well as regular puzzles. The act of putting together a puzzle is very similar to putting together a crystal grid. Every part has its place to make a bigger design for a purpose. The benefit of having a crystal grid as a puzzle is that you can disassemble the puzzle to refresh the energy of the grid. Once it has served its current purpose you can reassemble it for the next one. Not to mention it makes storage and mobility of your grid easy and convenient.

Star Formation

Energetic Crystal Grids

Here is a selection of the energetic grids offered. These grids are custom-made for each person and are made with the intention of connecting with their specific energy signature. If you would like a custom energetic grid please use the contact us form and book a general consultation session so that we can discuss the specifics of your custom grid.

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