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You Hold The Power in Your Hands

Join me in this journey of self-discovery and raising our awareness and perception to new heights that you thought were impossible. The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.


Are You Ready to Overcome Your Limits? 

Explore Your True Potential

Everyone has their own challenges in life. How to get through the obstacles and live a more fulfilling life? That is the question you have asked more times than you can count.

What should I be doing next on my path? Is there a different way of doing things? What are some of the obstacle that might be in my way?

Its OK to question yourself on this journey. Everyone comes to a point where they reevaluate where they are and what they are doing. You don't have to feel guilty about this.

Sessions can be about anything you want to discuss. If you have questions about your spiritual path or any doubts or uncertanties. Anyone from beginners to Practitioners can benefit from a session.Everyone needs help at times and Im here for you with love and support.

Holding onto things can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Let it out and feel the release of the pressure weighing you down. This is an opportunity to vent to another person with no judgment and allow yourself to be free. Free from Negativity, Old energy, and anything holding you back from your divine path.

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Shaman and Spiritual Advisor

I am a self-realized Shaman Healer who is here to heal people from their disconnection with their higher self and help to deepen your connection and relationship. What I do is not a reading so if that is what you are looking for then there are better sources for that information. I communicate with people's higher self to develop a plan on how best to get through whatever they are going through. We might go through different energetic healing practices such as reiki, inner dimensional healing, meditation, energetic contract removal/restructuring, etc....

For more info check out the About us page



This work is not easy for everyone and there is information that you might be resistant to hear.  This is a process of breaking down the parts of yourself that limit you and bring you back to alignment of being a limitless being. Trust in the process and you will see the results. Everything is related to how much effort you put in and the intentions behind it. So book a session today and shake off that fear and doubt that has been weighing you down. Lighten the load to reach your personal enlightenment.

Discover The Power Within You

We all have the power within us to accomplish our most true purpose and Divine Design. 

Don't let your fear of the unknown Stop you from receiving additional support.

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" Tenacious was as his name foretells..... powerful (tenacious) yet kind (kelley)..... From moments before our session when I was wanting to voice chat and him holding firm that my higher self insists I push myself with video...... to when he was giving me a life changing metaphor for the blocks that stand in my way. TK has a way of presenting an issue AS a solution, so you don't feel disempowered in any way. Not only did my Higher Self Session with TK push me out of my comfort zone, it changed my life in a very real tangible way. The next three days were filled with exposure to the nuances to my subconscious programming that even I had yet to fully see worked out. Up to the point of working with TK, I 'knew' most of my subconscious programs of self sabotage and I could watch them play out, but after working with TK and feeling my higher self through him, I began to see the other side of some of those gnarly programs that I just couldn't get rid of myself..... 

Literally in days I saw the energy of my habitual patterns lifting. 

TK is one of very few human beings I will recommend to absolutely anyone I know. The world is a lighter, more fluid place with Tenacious in it. If you are reading this and you have gotten this far, then your field must be vibing with TK's healing.... .So go book a session!" -Theodora

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Contact me for personalized products and services. If you want to negotiate a price for any product or service send a message and we can figure something out. I will not be answering any questions you might have about your journey in this email. Please book a 1 on 1 session if you would like to talk about any of those subjects. I always love to hear how I could make my site more accessible and easier to navigate so let me know. For questions about collaborating for a podcast, video, or anything else please make sure to put "Collaboration" in the Subject.

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